We are building "The Mediterranean Dream"
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Come, sit down and relax. The Mediterranean Dream awaits you.

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Have you ever been to The Mediterranean? *

Could you tell us if you agree or disagree with the following statements?

1- "I mainly know The Mediterranean because of the great food coming from The Middle East and Greece "

2- "The Mediterranean has some nice beaches but I prefer other places more unique like The Caribbean, French Polynesia, The Maldives, etc."

3- "The Mediterranean concept is too diverse, inconsistent and I often get confused by what it really means and covers."

4- "The Mediterranean is just another place to party freely and enjoy summer time."

5- "The Mediterranean is cool but it doesn't feel premium to me."

What locations do you associate the most with The Mediterranean? Pick a max of 5, please *

Cool! We are almost done. Could you tell us which of the following statements are the most relevant / appealing to you?

1- "The Mediterranean is not a place, but an attitude towards life, a way of life."

2- "In a modern world full of challenges, The Mediterranean represents the heritage, the culture, an authenticity of a better past."

3- "In The Mediterranean, time runs differently than the rest of the world."

4- "The weather in The Mediterranean is the best in the world."

5- "The Mediterranean makes me feel healthy. Ingredients are natural which make food taste better."

6- "In The Mediterranean products are handmade following the "Trattoria" culture (Slow-making)."

Could you name up to 5 Mediterranean related places or businesses you love (a bar, a store, a brand, a website, etc). These don't necessarily need to be in The Mediterranean.

By the way, Is "The American Dream "still relevant to you? *

So, Instead... How likely would you be to join / support a "Mediterranean Dream", a new version based of the Mediterranean way of life, its people, its values? *

Great, so how can we help? What kind of things would you like to receive from us the most? Please, pick a max of 4 *

What a fantastic trip! THANK YOU! and remember...
"The Mediterranean is not a just a place but a unique and diverse way of life based on values like friendship, family, tradition and the joy of being present. Here things are homemade and in harmony with Earth, with blue skies, a fresh breeze, sunsets, and hearing stories from Fishermen..."

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And now enjoy this inspiring travel video... This is just one of Mediterranean's top secrets corners...

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